The acronym FTTx means Fibre To The x, the most usual uses are:
FTTa: Fibre to the Antenna
FTTb: Fibre to the Building
FTTc: Fibre to the Curb
FTTd: Fibre to the Desk
FTTe: Fibre to the Enclosure
FTTh: Fibre to the Home
FTTo: Fibre to the Office

INFOKS offers the operators and installers the possibility to design their own cable for FTTx: flexibility, resistance and easy installation are the most noteworthy aspects of INFOKS FTTx cables.

INFOKS manufacture the jumper cable for G3 and G4 antennas, as well as optical cables that join the RRI (Remote Radio Installation) with the Base Station.

  • In addition to the cable types indicated below, we also design and manufacture special and unique cables that are in complience with different specs and standards and are tailor made according to the specific needs and requirements of our customers.

Our product types manufactured for this application field are as follow;

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