The use of fibre optics in security systems and surveillance provides three main advantages indicated as follow;

  • Long range distance with single cables, without need to splice: (Point to Point).
  • Great bandwidth and transmission capacity.
  • Undetectable system, immune to electromagnetic interference.

INFOKS manufactures cables and for CCTV installations. This cable with a tight buffered structure manufactured by INFOKS allows not only for an easy fixation of the connector, but it is also a flexible and compact cable that provides security to the installation of transmission.

Perimeter control is a system that allows for a permanent and rapid detection of any intrusion or anomaly. In many cases, fibre optic cables are the sensing element in the perimeter and anti-intrusion control systems.

  • In addition to the cable types indicated below, we also design and manufacture special and unique cables that are in complience with different specs and standards and are tailor made according to the specific needs and requirements of our customers.

Our product types manufactured for this application field are as follow;

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